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Download the Blind Proxy

Please download the latest version of the Blind Proxy for your system!


The Blind Proxy is currently a pre-release build that does not provide an installer. You will be dowloading the blind binary for your operating system.

MacOS (Darwin)


Upon unzipping the package, if you launch blind, you may receive an error that "blind cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." This is normal for this early development build.


After downloading, please right-click (ctrl-click) and select "Open".


You will see a prompt telling you that macOS cannot verify the developer of "blind" asking if you are sure you want to open it.


Click "Open" to open blind. This authorizes the application and you will not receive this warning again. This will open the app in a terminal and then exit. You may close that terminal.


We will be notarizing Blind Proxy builds for Mac OS in a future release!




Windows support will be added in a future release.

Next Steps

Now that you've got a Blind Proxy build for your system, head over to the section on how to Run the Blind CLI to get familiarized.