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Blind Insight Demo

Trying out the Blind Insight Demo

If you would like to give Blind Insight a try without having to download or install anything, please visit the demo instance of the Blind Insight running with the Blind Proxy embedded is at

About the Demo

It's running through a hosted instance of the Blind Proxy , which will transparently encrypt/decrypt your data using an embedded cryptographic keyring. This is meant to emulate what it might be like using Blind Insight in a private cloud implementation where you'd be running the Blind Proxy yourself in your own environment.


The Blind Proxy is designed to run locally or on-premise. In a future release it will capable of being used as a browser extension locally or within our cloud portal within a secure enclave.

Demo Application

The Blind Insight demo application can be found at

Demo Organization

An Organization represents a distinct account and isolated datasets. The Demo Site uses the "Demo" organization.

For more information on how Blind Insight works, please check out What is Blind Insight?

Data Owner

The Data Owner may perform encrypted searches and may also fully encrypt and ingest new records, as well as decrypt existing records.

You are automatically a Data Owner for any datasets you create.

To see what your data looks like as a Data Owner, log in to the Blind Insight Demo with the following credentials:

  • Username: data_owner@localhost
  • Password: blindinsight

Data Requester

A Data Requester may perform encrypted searches and view encrypted results but can't upload, edit, or decrypt records. To see what your data looks like as a Data Requester, log in to the Blind Insight Demo with the following credentials:

  • Username: data_requester@localhost
  • Password: blindinsight

Trying out the CLI with the Demo

The Blind Proxy points to the Beta API server at by default.

If you are trying the Demo and want to experiment with the CLI commands, this step is for you.


If you are using the Beta instance of Blind Insight, please do not perform this step. You only need to specify the Blind Insight server if you are trying the Demo.

The server to which the Blind Proxy communicates can be customized by providing the --host argument, for example to tell it to use

blind --host

This, however, does not persist between executions, so if you want this server host to persist, you may set the BLINDINSIGHT_HOST environment variable in your terminal by running this command:


As long as this is set, you may omit the --host argument.

After setting this, you're ready to start Using the Blind Proxy.

When you are done trying CLI with the Demo, don't forget to clear this environment variable:


Don't forget about BLINDINSIGHT_HOST

If you are using the Beta and want to return to using it, don't forget to clear the BLINDINSIGHT_HOST environment variable!