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Getting Started

This guide introduces you using Blind Insight from either the web interface or the command-line.

Using Blind Insight

If you are a new user and would like to learn how to use Blind Insight with your own data, please see the next section on Using the Blind Proxy.

Using the Blind Proxy

The Blind Proxy is an application you run locally on your system that transparently encrypts/decrypts your data based on the keys it derives from a cryptographic keyring. This is the only way data gets into Blind Insight, and is the only way you may decrypt or search your data.

Microsoft Windows Users

We do not support Windows at this time. Support for Windows will be added in a future release.


At this time most functionality is not yet available in the web interface. Existing objects may be viewed, searched, or decrypted using the web interface as long as it is being accessed via the Blind Proxy.

The Blind Proxy application is required to perform creation, update, or delete of objects using the CLI.

If you would like to jump right in to using the Blind proxy, please visit the guide on Using the Blind Proxy,